2019 Fundraising Opportunities

Each new football season brings a host of new memories for players, cheerleaders and volunteers, as we build towards a championship season. With that in mind the Carolina Crusaders want to make sure that we supply your children with the best possible overall experience. That begins with making sure that we have the best possible equipment, uniforms and facilities.

With each family’s help, we aren’t just supporting a single player – we’re supporting the entire Carolina Crusader family. Each person who shares the Crusaders “Touchdown Drive” experience can take pride in knowing that they are working to create a memorable season.

Participation in the “Touchdown Drive!” will consist of raising funds in one of the following ways with the opportunity to earn; some rewards:

  • Crusader Game Day Banner Ads (BEST VALUE – Only Available until July 31st) – Support your favorite Crusader with a note of encouragement or an ad for your business. Ads will be on a composite advertisement banner at all home games and support acknowledged on the game day roster handouts and PA system.
    (This option expires on July 31st due to design and printing timelines)


  • Corporate Sponsorships – This is the fastest way to get to your fundraising goal! Know anyone who owns a small business? These type places love to support their community and their loyal customers! (This option expires on July 31st due to design and printing timelines)

If paying in full after July 1st, standard registration and participation fee will be $450.00 per player/cheerleader ($75.00 registration fee + $375.00 participation fee).

Fees must be paid in full BEFORE equipment and uniforms are provided to player/cheerleader.

If raising Touchdown Drive Funds, refunds will be provided up to the value of the participation fee paid per the earnings schedule if funds are received after payment of participation fees.

All fees are non-refundable (except for participation fee reimbursement via fundraising policy).

Raising Funds:

The following is the breakdown of your fundraising options and how you can have your season costs compensated using them.

Participant credits for sponsorships can only be applied to amount owed for participation costs ($75 registration fee is not eligible for reimbursement). Earned leftover credits can be applied to other participants if so requested.

Download the forms below and start raising funds!