OTA Practices

Crusader Families,

I hope that you all are having a wonderful summer and enjoying time off from school. Your Crusader Coaches wanted to reach out and remind you of a minor schedule change.

Beginning this Tuesday June 6th, the Crusaders will be holding an additional OTA Practice from 6 PM to 7:30 PM at the Rock Hill Outdoor Center Greens.  This is the same field where we hold our Saturday OTA.

This is an optional practice, but it is also an opportunity. An opportunity to get ahead of the competition, to better yourself, or even to fellowship with your teammates. For those of you who have a difficult time with making it to practice on the weekends, this is a chance for you to get involved in what we are doing.

Lastly, we have seen several players since the Combine out at OTA’s and we appreciate the effort, however, we have also missed many of you.  Let’s see if we can use this additional practice as a chance to catch up and work toward another successful season.

Brian White
Carolina Crusaders Football
Varsity Head Coach


Crusaders on HSPN

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Home School Sports Network

Check out our team page on HSPN website www.HSPN.net ! Then compare how we rank nationally with other teams.

With nothing more than a true “can-do” attitude, the homeschool nation has produced, yet again, a thriving and exciting group of athletes, coaches, parents and fans from all corners of the USA. After putting on the “new man” [Christ], we proudly then put on our homeschool team uniforms for that next chance to change hearts and minds as we play for that audience of ONE.

And there you have it – a huge assortment of home educators whose “hands on” efforts are getting noticed locally, regionally and nationally – simply known as the ‘Homeschool Sports Network’.

Our mission is outlined below so enjoy the web-site. We need Members to help us meet our goals and to keep this web-site going…Can youe help? (tax-deductible)

1) To support homeschool parents, athletes, coaches, teams and organizations through means of an interactive web-site, newsletters, workshops and free postings.
2) To provide national athletic events for homeschool students in a Christian environment through the use of excellent venues. The East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships are held each year at Liberty University mid-March.
3) To encourage new start-up teams as well as established organizations by our on-line materials and articles.
4) To offer homeschool teams the best-fit resources from reliable partners in areas such as sports insurance, Uniforms, Fund Raising, college recruitment and more.
5) To showcase the talent of homeschool athletes by means of our National Homeschool Scoreboard and the National Sports ticker at the top of all pages.
6) Ongoing development of the National Homeschool Sports Museum and Hall of Fame. While we are gathering funds, we have created the virtual Homeschool Sports Museum.
7) To develop a national homeschool sports convention and leadership council.

“Sportsmanship, the way GOD intended ” – Ephesians 4:29-31

National Scoreboard

Check out the national rankings on HSPN. 

2015 Form Downloads

2015 Crusader Form Downloads


2015 Participation Packet Download    2015 Financial Responsibilities Download

2015 PFL Code of Conduct Download    2015 Physical Exam Form Download

2015 Concussion Information Download    2015 Fundraising Information Download

   2015 Program Ad Info Sheet Download


2015 Crusader Registration

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Fees for the Carolina Crusaders 2015 season are as follows:

  1. Registration Fee of $50.00 for Football and $40.00 for Cheer
  2. Due at the time of Registration.
  3. This is a non-refundable cost for each participant. If your child decides not to participate for any reason, the $50 from this fee remains the property of the Carolina Crusaders.
    • This may ONLY be refunded based on fundraising incentives.

What do my Registration fees cover?

  • Registration forms
  • Membership and fund raising letters
  • Administration, copies, etc.
  • Participant Insurance

Participation costs are an additional $250. This fee helps cover the cost of all of the equipment and uniforms that are purchased as well as replaced every couple of years. Field usage fees for practice and games, referees, insurance, etc. The Carolina Crusaders will offer fundraising options intended to fully offset the participation fees. Additional information on football and cheer-leading costs can be found on our FAQ page.

Already registered but have not paid?


Order Online

If you have difficulties with the registration form please email .

2015 Ask, Seek, Knock!

Ask, Seek, Knock! – 2015 Crusader Team Requests/Suggested Donations

A few years back, prior to my coaching days, I mentioned to another Crusader parent that the reusable banner they used to run through prior to games was a great idea. He said to me that it was donated it to the team and that it was a pleasure for him to be able to help. His only concern at the time was that he would have provided it sooner, but nobody asked! He saw a need for the team, stepped in and provided.  Sometimes all we need to do is ask!

I, and maybe many of you, sometimes have difficulty asking for help or assistance. We may feel as though we are pleading or begging if we ask for something from someone else, whether it be a meal or money. Some may translate the inability to ask as being prideful. It’s easy to see how someone might feel that way.

The bible tells us in Matthew 7 that if we ask, with the proper intention (James 4:3), it will be given to you. He is not saying that we will always get what we ask for either, however, the more time we spend in communion with God, the more we will know what to ask for in accordance with God’s will.

As a team there are several things that we want, but may not need, and there are things that we truly need, that may not be currently available. So after much prayer and discussion we are taking action by asking if there are things that we could use that you might be able to help with.

This is not a wish list but more of a prayer request list.

  • High Tower Scaffolding $650
  • Coaching Head Set System $2000
  • Game Footballs (approximately 6 @ $60) $360
  • Athletic Tape & Pre-wrap Rolls (All season long!) $150
  • Team Intro Banner $800
  • Water Bottles (approximately 24 @ $6) $145
  • Away Jerseys (approximately 65 players @ approx $45/per) $2925
  • Practice Jerseys (65 players @ $6/per) $390
  • Team spirit packs (dri-fit shorts, shirts) for practices(65 players @ $20/per) $1300
  • Extra Mouth Guards/Mouthpieces $12 each

One of the things I find interesting about Ask, Seek, Knock are the three senses being used here. Ask – The act of verbally requesting something, Seek – using the mind and eyes to locate or focus on something. Last, but not least…Knock.  The physically act of one takes to get the attention of someone on the other side of the door.  That knock, in my opinion, is the first step of faith that one needs to share their true intentions.

This letter is our knock on your door.  We have discussed these things, prayed about them, and know we are reaching out to you all to see if and how you can help.

If you are willing to provide or donate towards any of the items listed above, please contact us @ info@carolinacrusaders.com for further information. We will let you know how you can assist with these items.


Carolina Crusader Leadership Team

Helmet Care Part 2: Inspection Checklist

Daily Football Helmet Inspection Checklist

Players – Check Your Helmet Before Each Usage As Follows:

  1. Check foam padding for proper placement and any deterioration.
  2. Check for cracks in vinyl / rubber covering of air, foam, liquid padded helmets.
  3. Check that protective system or foam padding has not been altered or removed.
  4. Check for proper inflation of air helmets. Follow manufacturer guidelines. Air pressure adjustments
    are to be made by coaches, trainer or faculty equipment manager.
  5. Check all rivets, screws, Velcro and snaps to assure they are properly fastened and holding protective



Never Wear a Damaged Helmet

Join Our Staff!

Staff Openings

It’s that time of year again to begin our recruitment for players and parents for another Carolina Crusaders Football Season! As you already know, the Carolina Crusaders football team is parent sponsored, parent run organization. All of the coaches, staff, leadership and trainers are parent volunteers who sacrifice their personal time to pour into each player that signs up each season. Every year players graduate and critical spots open up that need filled in order for our team to function properly. This season is no exception!
Below are the current opening we will need to fill as soon as possible. All of these positions can be shared between parents who are willing to help out. All positions are voluntary and require time and effort from volunteers whom are willing to learn and give up a few hours of their time each week throughout the season.

Equipment Managers: (Minimum of two volunteers needed to assist with the responsibilities) ( Ages 18 & Up)
Responsibilities Include:

  • Fitting Equipment: Adjustments to Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Chin Straps, Ear Pads, Face Masks, etc to ensure proper fit.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Maintenance to equipment as need at practices and games including (tightening of screws, straps, air in helmets, etc)
  • Equipment Inventory: Distributing, collecting and tracking of all team equipment including (Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Game Pants, Jerseys, Belts, etc.)
Practice & Game Videographer: (Minimum of two volunteers needed to assist with the responsibilities) ( Ages 16 & Up )
Responsibilities Include:
  • Using team supplied video equipment to film practices
  • Using team supplied video equipment to film games
Game Statistician: (Minimum of two volunteers needed to assist with the responsibilities) ( Ages 18 & Up )
Responsibilities Include –
  • Using team supplied charts to track play by play stats during games from press box or stand.

Team Needs:

  • Generator for lighting at Tuesday OTA Practices (The days will get longer as the season progresses, this is a temporary need until we have enough daylight)

Helmet Care Part 1: Cleaning

Helmet Care

Helmet Care Part 1: Cleaning

The helmets are being distributed and soon enough you will be introduced to the wonderful smells of football equipment! Parents don’t just put up with the smell and set your helmet in the garage. Out of sight, out of mind works for awhile but it will eventually come back to haunt you in the form of bacteria in your sons hair and skin. Trust me when I tell you that neither you or your son will like football acne. It’s real and not very fun to get rid of once you have it. Simple cleaning of the helmet after every practice can help you avoid the unnecessary smells and bacteria inside your son’s helmet.  Check out the article we found below by Rob Hainer on how to properly clean and care for your Carolina Crusader football helmet.

Thanks! Coach Ray

Cleaning Your Football Helmet

Original article By Rob Hainer

The Right Cloths

The foam pads inside your helmet and the plastic covering the exterior don’t hold up well under abrasive cleaning pads. Instead of grabbing the steel wool or a rough-sided sponge, stick to softer fabric cloths that won’t ruin the finish or remove the protective coating of the pads. Microfiber pads work well, but a plain cotton cleaning cloth or dish towel won’t harm the inside of the helmet either.

helmet 1

Gentle Cleansers for a Tough Job

The outside of your helmet might get filthy as you tackle into the grass, but the inside’s main problem is sweat. Gentle cleansers work best, such as a mild dish-washing liquid or oxygen bleach solution. Use a damp rag and rub the cleanser over all the pads, getting in between them as best you can. Wipe the area with a rag dipped in plain water to remove the soap. This will prevent it from irritating your skin the next time you wear the helmet.

Disinfectant Sprays Aren’t Optional

Bacteria from your sweat and skin cells can travel inside the pads of your helmet, so get rid of them by spraying the entire inside of the helmet with a disinfectant. Leave the helmet sitting upright on a hard surface until it’s completely dry; the spray will penetrate the pads as it dries. Keep the helmet out of extreme heat or bright sunshine as it dries, as these can degrade the pads.

helmet 2

What to Avoid

While mild, non-abrasive cleansers are safe for the pads inside your helmet, many cleaners are not. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or turpentine. Also stay away from many bathroom and kitchen cleaners, which often contain abrasive particles. If you don’t have safe cleansers on hand and you must clean your helmet, use a rag dampened with warm water and scrub gently. Clean the helmet with the proper cleansers when possible.


OTA Tuesdays

Tuesday “OTA” Workouts:

Starting Tuesday 03/17/2015 the Carolina Crusaders JV & Varsity Football teams will meet from 6:00-8:00 PM at Westminster Park in Rock Hill, SC for spring OTA’s. We will continue to meet every Tuesday after that until The 2015 Carolina Crusaders Football Combine on May 2nd.

  • Attendance at these off season training activities is extremely encouraged. Schedules are subject to change at any time. We will keep you posted of any changes as they happen.
  • The Crusader adverse weather policy protocol will be in effect for all team activities.


  • Helmets will be distributed to all registered players on Tuesday March 17th 2015 for spring practices. If you have not registered please do so today! Waivers will be available for non registrants.
  • Players please come to practice ready to participate. Proper practice attire includes Cleats, T-Shirt, Shorts or Sweat Pants, Mouth Guard & Water Bottle.
  • Parents: The team will be providing helmets for these practices. It is your responsibility to supply a mouth guard and cleats for your son.
Westminster Park – 3916 India Hook Road, Rock Hill, SC29732 United States

National Hoops 3 on 3 Tournament

The Carolina Crusaders Football Team will have a booth set-up at this years National Hoops 3 on 3 tournament. Come meet the coaches and find out more about the Carolina Crusaders program. Then check out some of the best ballers in the area battle it out on the hardwood.

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015

Location: Harvest Baptist Church 153 Miller Pond Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732

Cost: $40 per team

Ages: 11-15 (JV) and 16-19 (Varsity)

Register Online or at the Saturday location. Registration ends at 11am Saturday.

A Championship Run – Todd G. Gongwer

The Carolina Crusaders had all of their coaches read “Lead For God’s Sake” by Todd G. Gongwer last season and it changed the way we approached coaching our team. Take a look at the story about how the book changed Urban Meyer that just posted on ESPN. It really cool to see how God used this book to reach so many people through a parable about a coach.  We highly recommend it to all of the Crusaders coaches, players and parents.

How Urban Meyer found his balance



A Championship Run!

By Todd G. Gongwer

With all the hype around the upcoming College Football National Championship I thought I’d share with you a few cool things happening in the world of LEAD…for God’s Sake.

Ohio State’s Head Football Coach Urban Meyer has continued to be a huge part of this journey, and as he prepares for another shot at the top, he has continued to reference the book as one of the key “game changers” in his life leading up to this point. Below are comments he shared at the National Championship Media Day, after being asked about LEAD…for God’s Sake and how often he references it.

I’m so appreciative of his genuine heart for this message! But most importantly, it’s been an incredible blessing to see the consistent peace in his eyes as he’s climbed back to this spot!

Stay tuned over the next few days for stories I’ve been interviewed for on popular platforms such as ESPN.com (story will be posted Sunday and Monday), Fansided.com (a part of SI.com (Sports Illustrated)), and I’ll also be live on the Doug Gottlieb Show Monday at 5:00PM. Don’t forget to tune in!

Thanks again for helping us share the message!