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Thinking of what to do after Football ends? Here’s some notes from Coach Saxon with the Charlotte Tigers Rugby Team

As the Summer winds down, we wanted to let you know registration for the Charlotte Tigers 2018/ 2019 season is now open.  Here is the link to register:
We’d also like to equip you with some information regarding the options for high school boys rugby.   CJRA only runs the Charlotte Tigers – there are many other teams, and we will include information about them as well.  Sorry for the length of the note, but we feel an informed decision is the best decision and different options will be better for different players and families.
The Charlotte Tigers are one of the premier high school rugby teams in the United States.   We compete in both the North Carolina Rugby Union Open League (NCYRU) and in the Mid-South Independent Rugby League (MSIRL).   Some outside league matches versus ranked teams from around the US are also scheduled each season and occasionally we enter into regional and national tournaments depending on our ranking & collective desire to do so.

The Tigers are one club but are actually several teams – meaning we all train together and are all Tigers but have multiple sides that each play in different leagues and/ or tournaments as appropriate.

The Charlotte Tigers are:
  • Freshman Team: Each year we enter a Freshman only team into a couple of special matches versus like competition – this enables our youngest players to get quality playing time versus opponents their age and skill level.
  • Junior Varsity Team: Our JV squad is limited to 9th-11th grade players or 9th & 10th grade players depending on what state we play in (there are differing eligibility rules).  The JV side gets a full season of matches and is generally where all of our younger and newer players start out to earn their spot on a varsity roster.
  • Varsity B Side Team: This squad plays in the North Carolina Tier 2 league – most of this team will be players who are either already Varsity A reserve or just about to break into the top tier line-up.   This is a very competitive team and players of any grade can make the roster with enough hard work.
  • Varsity A Side Team: The A side is our top 23 players by position and with reserves.  This is the team that competes in NCYRU Tier 1 and MSIRL leagues and has the possibility to go to regional and national tournaments – this is the best-of-the-best and competition for every spot is top rate.    Freshman are NOT eligible to play Varsity A-side until after March of each season as they need the first several months of training to even be considered for a spot due to the increased size/ speed/ skill at this level.  Even then, it is rare for a Freshman to crack the line-up.
  • Philosophy: We want ALL of our boys to continually improve, strive, excel & compete.   Our ability to have multiple teams builds in competition and negates players skipping practice, taking playing time for granted, or becoming complacent.  BY design, players must work to move up and earn the next starting or reserve spot on the next higher up team – and those at the top must be diligent to keep their spot.    We are the only team in the area that operates this way.

The Tigers season begins as high school football winds down in mid-November.  The season runs through the end of May just as high school all-stars cranks up.  Both returning CJRA player and brand new players are WELCOME.   With as many teams as we have, everyone will get playing time at the appropriate level – although it is not guaranteed (attendance at practice/ behavior/ fitness/ attitude all also play a role in playing time).

Lastly, this Summer 160 of the very best high school players from around the entire nation were selected to go on various international tours to Ireland and Canada with EIRA (Eagle Impact Rugby Academy).   13 of them were Charlotte Tigers and another 4 started with CJRA.   That’s more than 10% of the players selected Nationally.   We are proud of that and think it shows we are on the right track as a club.
Again, to register for the CJRA Charlotte Tigers, please click on the link here:
Emails detailing High School girls options and teams for under high school boys and girls for both touch and tackle rugby will be coming out soon.
Warm Regards,
Coach Saxon

7/30/20108 Update