2017 Coaching News

From the Athletic Director

We are already starting a new year for Carolina Crusader Football.  The Pioneer Football League has already met and the new schedule for next season has been set.  You will notice that we have two long away games this year instead of the normal trip to Tennessee.  This year we will be traveling to Tennessee as part of our schedule and will be traveling to play the Georgia Force outside of Atlanta.  I will be working on getting the team room blocks at a hotel close to where we are playing.  As we get closer to those travel dates more information will be forthcoming.

Also, Head Varsity Coach Andy Moon has decided to step down this year as the Head Varsity Coach.  He and his wife have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in Ireland for three months during the summer.    No one the Board can blame him for wanting to visit the green isle.  Myself  and everyone in the Carolina Crusader nation want to extend Coach Moon our appreciation for everything he has done for Crusader Football  – whether being the leader of this organization, the leader of the Pioneer Football League,  being a head coach, and more importantly one of the strongest supporters of our organization.  We look forward to him coming back home and bringing a lot of pictures, but also looking forward to him coming back to organization and continue to help us to achieve everything we want as a Carolina Crusader.  Thanks again Coach Moon.

As Coach Moon steps down as the Head Varsity Coach, we are extremely pleased to welcome back Coach Brian White as the new Head Varsity Coach for the upcoming season.  Last year, he stepped in to help Coach Moon with the defense.  He has been a part of our organization for several years and part of the coaching staff in the past.  After taking a short break from coaching, he came back to us when one of his sons joined our JV team.  We as the Board are looking forward to his strong Christian leadership of both the young men playing for our team but for the coaches that he surrounds himself with for the next season.

Always remember, the best way for us to have players join our team is through you.  Please talk to friends, relatives, and neighbors about the Carolina Crusaders and what we stand for as a team.  if anyone who is interested in having their son play for us or their daughter join the cheer team, feel free to direct them to our website where my contact information is located.  Again, we are looking forward to a great year.