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With nothing more than a true “can-do” attitude, the homeschool nation has produced, yet again, a thriving and exciting group of athletes, coaches, parents and fans from all corners of the USA. After putting on the “new man” [Christ], we proudly then put on our homeschool team uniforms for that next chance to change hearts and minds as we play for that audience of ONE.

And there you have it – a huge assortment of home educators whose “hands on” efforts are getting noticed locally, regionally and nationally – simply known as the ‘Homeschool Sports Network’.

Our mission is outlined below so enjoy the web-site. We need Members to help us meet our goals and to keep this web-site going…Can youe help? (tax-deductible)

1) To support homeschool parents, athletes, coaches, teams and organizations through means of an interactive web-site, newsletters, workshops and free postings.
2) To provide national athletic events for homeschool students in a Christian environment through the use of excellent venues. The East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships are held each year at Liberty University mid-March.
3) To encourage new start-up teams as well as established organizations by our on-line materials and articles.
4) To offer homeschool teams the best-fit resources from reliable partners in areas such as sports insurance, Uniforms, Fund Raising, college recruitment and more.
5) To showcase the talent of homeschool athletes by means of our National Homeschool Scoreboard and the National Sports ticker at the top of all pages.
6) Ongoing development of the National Homeschool Sports Museum and Hall of Fame. While we are gathering funds, we have created the virtual Homeschool Sports Museum.
7) To develop a national homeschool sports convention and leadership council.

“Sportsmanship, the way GOD intended ” – Ephesians 4:29-31

National Scoreboard

Check out the national rankings on HSPN.