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It’s that time of year again to begin our recruitment for players and parents for another Carolina Crusaders Football Season! As you already know, the Carolina Crusaders football team is parent sponsored, parent run organization. All of the coaches, staff, leadership and trainers are parent volunteers who sacrifice their personal time to pour into each player that signs up each season. Every year players graduate and critical spots open up that need filled in order for our team to function properly. This season is no exception!
Below are the current opening we will need to fill as soon as possible. All of these positions can be shared between parents who are willing to help out. All positions are voluntary and require time and effort from volunteers whom are willing to learn and give up a few hours of their time each week throughout the season.

Equipment Managers: (Minimum of two volunteers needed to assist with the responsibilities) ( Ages 18 & Up)
Responsibilities Include:

  • Fitting Equipment: Adjustments to Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Chin Straps, Ear Pads, Face Masks, etc to ensure proper fit.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Maintenance to equipment as need at practices and games including (tightening of screws, straps, air in helmets, etc)
  • Equipment Inventory: Distributing, collecting and tracking of all team equipment including (Helmets, Shoulder Pads, Game Pants, Jerseys, Belts, etc.)
Practice & Game Videographer: (Minimum of two volunteers needed to assist with the responsibilities) ( Ages 16 & Up )
Responsibilities Include:
  • Using team supplied video equipment to film practices
  • Using team supplied video equipment to film games
Game Statistician: (Minimum of two volunteers needed to assist with the responsibilities) ( Ages 18 & Up )
Responsibilities Include –
  • Using team supplied charts to track play by play stats during games from press box or stand.

Team Needs:

  • Generator for lighting at Tuesday OTA Practices (The days will get longer as the season progresses, this is a temporary need until we have enough daylight)
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