JV Crusaders Win Another!

The weather held off and emotions ran strong yesterday as the Carolina Crusaders visited the Cabarrus Stallions in Concord, NC. The Crusaders defense once again forced a fumble in the end zone and Ryan Woods recovered for the touchdown and and early lead. Crusader quarterback Tristan Ballard hit a 40+ yard pass to Ben Judd and scored on a keeper to secure the Crusaders lead before the half. Stallions star quarterback Justin Evans ran fast and strong for two touchdowns before hitting the ground hard on a clean tackle and was rushed to the hospital in the 3rd quarter of play. The Crusaders defense forced a Stallions turnover and scored again to put the game away in the 4th. Congratulations to the Carolina Crusaders JV team for another hard fought game! Our prayers go out to Justin Evans & Elliot Phillips as they recover from some scary injuries that took place in Saturdays games.

Final Score:

Carolina Crusaders 34

Cabarrus Stallions 22