Crusader Team Requests/Suggested Donations

Ask, Seek, Knock! – Crusader Team Requests/Suggested Donations

A few years back, prior to my coaching days, I mentioned to another Crusader parent that the reusable banner they used to run through prior to games was a great idea. He said to me that it was donated it to the team and that it was a pleasure for him to be able to help. His only concern at the time was that he would have provided it sooner, but nobody asked! He saw a need for the team, stepped in and provided.  Sometimes all we need to do is ask!

I, and maybe many of you, sometimes have difficulty asking for help or assistance. We may feel as though we are pleading or begging if we ask for something from someone else, whether it be a meal or money. Some may translate the inability to ask as being prideful. It’s easy to see how someone might feel that way.

The bible tells us in Matthew 7 that if we ask, with the proper intention (James 4:3), it will be given to you. He is not saying that we will always get what we ask for either, however, the more time we spend in communion with God, the more we will know what to ask for in accordance with God’s will.

As a team there are several things that we want, but may not need, and there are things that we truly need, that may not be currently available. So after much prayer and discussion we are taking action by asking if there are things that we could use that you might be able to help with.

This is not a wish list but more of a prayer request list.

  • Home & Away Jerseys (approximately 65 players @ approx $45/per)
  • Clean, repair or replace water station (I’ll need to get a picture for this item) or New Water Bottles
  • Practice Jerseys (65 players @ $6/per)
  • Athletic Tape and Pre-wrap Rolls (All season long!)
  • Team Bus for away trips (Own or borrow)
  • Pop-up Tent for Booster Club
  • New team intro banner
  • Team spirit packs (dri-fit shorts, shirts) for practices
  • Extra Mouthguards/Mouthpieces

One of the things I find interesting about Ask, Seek, Knock are the three senses being used here. Ask – The act of verbally requesting something, Seek – using the mind and eyes to locate or focus on something. Last, but not least…Knock.  The physically act of one takes to get the attention of someone on the other side of the door.  That knock, in my opinion, is the first step of faith that one needs to share their true intentions.

This letter is our knock on your door.  We have discussed these things, prayed about them, and know we are reaching out to you all to see if and how you can help.

If you are willing to provide or donate towards any of the items listed above, please contact us @ for further information. We will let you know how you can assist with these items.