Team Helmet Ratings

What’s on the mind of most parents when deciding to let their kids play football? Player safety! None of us ever want to hear or have our child experience the nasty “C” word that has been pasted all over the game of football. The benefit of playing for the Carolina Crusaders is the fact that all of the coaches are parents and player safety is our number one priority! That’s why at the league meetings this off-season we pushed for a mandatory concussion training and certification of all PFL coaches in the league. We have also instituted a “Return to Play” policy that will be discussed at an upcoming team parent meeting. Our team has and will continue to teach “Heads Up” tackling and this season we are investing in all new helmets for the team.

With player safety and cost in mind we turned to the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings System to help us decide which helmet was right for us. This helmet rating system was developed to test the major helmet suppliers in the game for safety. The study does state that “any player in any sport can sustain a head injury with even the very best head protection. This analysis is based on data trends and probabilities, and therefore a specific person’s risk may vary. This variation is likely dominated by genetic differences, health history, and impact factors such as muscle activation.” Below is the list of this year’s study of the top rated helmets available today.

Our choice for this season is the NRG Impulse by Rawlings. It has a 4 star rating and a decent price point. We feel that is gives us the best of both worlds. A top rated helmet at a great price!