2014 “Touchdown Drive” Fundraiser

Each new football season brings a host of new memories for players, cheerleaders and volunteers, as we build towards a championship season. With that in mind the Carolina Crusaders want to make sure that we supply your children with the best possible overall experience. That begins with making sure that we have the best possible equipment, uniforms and facilities.

With each family’s help, we aren’t just supporting a single player – we’re supporting the entire Carolina Crusader family. Each person who shares the Crusaders “Touchdown Drive” experience can take pride in knowing that they are working to create a memorable season.

Participation with the “Touchdown Drive” starts with your 2014 online registration. You must be registered to receive your welcome package which contains all of the information to begin your “Touchdown Drive”. To begin your registration click the link below.

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To learn more about the Crusaders “Touchdown Drive” please click here.